Beaches in India

Beaches In India

According to the famous Forbes Magazine, you can as well forget the famous beaches of Ibiza, the famous Rio or even Australia since the best and exiting beach activities have actually shifted to the Indian Beaches. It is very true that India indeed has incredibly scenic beaches that offer everything right from action to solitude and of course the famous beach parties.

Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach

The stunning beach actually lies around the north of the capital Trivandrum in Kerala. The beach actually provides a relatively peaceful alternative to the now commercialized and famous Kovalam.The setting of the beach alone is striking enough to actually take your breath away with some long paved stretch of cliff bordered by unique sharks and the majestic views that actually extend over the Arabian Sea. The beach is an excellent place to rest and rejuvenate after long periods of working hours and days.



This famous beach is actually found in a small and remote holy town in the unique northern Karnataka. The place has four of India’s most secluded and pristine beaches which are just nestled nearby. The beaches usually draw both pious pilgrims and hedonistic holiday makers with equal enthusiasm. In case you really need to enjoy yourself while in India just make a trip during the pilgrim month and you will actually feel for what Goa was actually like in its heyday.


India Palolem Beach

This is among the best beaches in India; it is enclosed by a thick forest of coconut palms in the very far south of Goa which is actually the states most beautiful beach. The mile long shady and semicircle beach shaped beach actually continues to grow in popularity each and every years and it has continuously become very lively with the divers crowd it actually attracts.

The Famous Tarkali

Tarkarli Beach

This famous beach in the southern Maharashtra has one of the best coral reefs in the entire of India. The beach has actually remained untouched by the recent development in the country making it to retain a complete village feel with homestays accommodations right on the beach. The locals always enjoy riding bicycles or just walking around enjoying the breeze from the beach.


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